Everything You Need To Know About Metal Cabinets

In creating kitchen cabinetry, people have used metals for many years now. Since they first appeared on the market, these types of cabinets had their share of ups and downs among the homeowners who bought them. Once again, they are now growing in their popularity and they are now created to fit the different types of kitchen decors.

Metal kitchen cabinets could go well with the kitchens having a retro theme. They are available in many colors but popular ones for the retro theme are white & teal. A lot of people spend a great amount of time searching for the vintage ones so they could refinish them and use them in their theme-inspired homes.

Metal kitchen cabinets would also fit perfectly with the modern theme especially when they come in sleek stainless steel. Oftentimes, these cabinets are also equipped with a countertop made of stainless steel so the modern theme would continue to flow. Metal cabinets with the aim of function in modern kitchens also come in different styles aside from the stainless steel ones. Some come in different colors or are powder coated.


In the 1920s, the metal cabinets were advertised to be vermin-proof. This was great information back then for homeowners as there were no vaccines for many diseases. Small rodents and mice find their way into their houses and get into their food products which easily spread the diseases. Rodents can’t find their way through the metal cabinets of the homeowners who bought this type of cabinet then and these metal cabinets were more expensive than regular ones and usually find their way into the homes of the rich people only. After World War II, these metal cabinets once again became popular because factories that were making ammunition needed to have a replacement product for the metals that were leftover.

This type of kitchen cabinet is a lot easier to maintain and clean as compared to cabinets made of other materials. Just use a sponge and soapy water then you can wipe it down without being worried about the finish fading. Metal kitchen cabinets are more prone to scratches though but these can just be buffed out easily.

Metal Kitchen Cabinets

In the ’30s, 40’s, and 50’s, the metal kitchen cabinets were very popular for their modern kitchens. They looked good and very modern and very easy to clean and quite affordable. If they start to look old, just spray paint them and they start to look new again. They used to come in white but you can color it whatever you like through spray painting. They were the cabinets that were ideal because they were affordable, easy to maintain and they looked quite good.

Everything old’s new again is a saying that you can use to describe these metal kitchen cabinets as they are now also included in our modern kitchens. Styles from the 1950s are a lot more popular once again as many retro kitchens have been designed into new homes. These kitchens incorporate all the modern and stylish 1950s had to offer plus the modern upgrades of today. These cabinets have white enameled shelves and metal and were hung the same way that is used in today’s kitchen.

Metal File Cabinets

Our office needs to be 100% organized at all times. Company files and business files are the ones that need to be well organized. These company files are containing important information and sometimes sensitive information regarding the company. Financial information may also be found in those files and all the transactions of the company are documented and need to be organized properly. Though it’s possible to make paperless documentation due to the technology many companies still prefer manual documentation and these documents need to be properly filed and organized.

man -looking-in-filing-cabinet-drawing

Because this need arise, these metal file cabinets had been invented. No matter what type of industry or business the company has, for sure they have at least one metal file cabinet inside their offices. This had revolutionized the organization of documents for different companies as with the use of metal cabinets, you can put together similar files and you can arrange them alphabetically. Each of these file cabinets can contain hundreds of different riles. With their lock and key, they can secure even sensitive files for confidentiality. They can last a long time too since they are made of metal.

Metal Storage Cabinets

Metal storage cabinets are also used by offices for different types of applications. The basic ones are 2 and 4-drawer filing cabinets. With the modern offices now, they have a broader option available to choose from. Doctor’s offices have a large filing system with long lines of closed and open shelves, hand wheel operated to get from one shelf to the next. If each of these shelves were immobile, they’d take a lot of the floor space. With movable cabinets, floor space in the offices is conserved. There are also cabinets for storage that are omnipresent but aren’t very obvious and this is the mail cart. Some of these mail carts come as wire baskets while some as full cabinets that can be locked.

Metal cabinets are also used for homes and offices. Schools have lockers and that’s also a storage cabinet. Gas and hardware stations put the propane tanks in their metal cages for safety and for storage while warehouses put their merchandise in their metal cage to avoid getting stolen. The plumbing, electrical and HVAC companies could also keep their supplies inside a bin on their tall cabinets. Also, a lockable cabinet for gun storage is probably a very important type of safe storage.