Corner Cabinets Installation

A storage unit such as a corner cabinet provides a practicable and inexpensive answer to space problems.

While the number of people inhabiting the earth increases by the day, the space available to house the bursting population does not expand correspondingly.wooden-corner-cabinets

It, therefore, follows that shelter is fast becoming a societal concern.

As a result, dwellings available to the growing population have become smaller in a conscious effort to conserve space. This is especially true in big cities and metropolises. Space has turned into an expensive commodity such that living in large apartments and flats in the city entails a great amount of money.

Most of us are left to make do with less spacious living areas. A very common complaint from those who reside in flats and small houses is the difficulty in keeping and arranging their items.

Corner TV Cabinet

Corner TV cabinets can be placed in the commonly unused corners of the living room. They are usually constructed with compartments where items such as speakers, Blu-Ray players, gaming units, and TiVo can be placed. The cabinets may or may not have doors, and may also have drawers and smaller cabinets where loose items like DVDs and CDs can be kept. There are many corner TV cabinets with various combinations of shelves and drawers to choose from.

The corner TV cabinet can conceal appliance wirings that are otherwise exposed when not housed in custom shelves. This gives the room a semblance of order and safety. The cabinet also keeps the appliances and electronic units from getting dirty easily since they are protected from the rapid build-up of dust particles. As such, less time and frequency is required to clean the appliances, and maintenance becomes easier.

Corner Curio Cabinet

Corner curio cabinets are superb for showcasing trinkets, antiques, and various articles of value and interest. These cabinets are made of glass, making them appropriate for display purposes; at the same time, they protect the items from dust and wayward hands.

Bathroom Corner Cabinet

In the past, vanity units were designed without taking space into major consideration. Newer vanity units are constructed to address people’s necessity for space and organization. Most vanity units in the market are compact, with either shelves or single or multiple drawers. These compartments can hold a variety of bathroom items like toiletries and cleaning implements such as solutions and brushes.

Corner Medicine Cabinet

Do you leave your medicines just about anywhere in the house and eventually forget where you left them? Many people are guilty of this, myself included. A wall-mounted medicine cabinet is essential for keeping and sorting your medicines. The cabinets can be placed at eye level. By doing this, the medications can be easily accessed by adults. At the same time, this level is safe from children’s reach.


Corner Kitchen Cabinets

Corner cabinets can provide ample storage and organization to a cluttered kitchen. These can be used to keep your kitchen utensils and gadgets instead of leaving them on the countertop or setting them aside in an unidentified cupboard. A corner cabinet can keep items all in one place, thus sparing you the trouble of looking for a missing gadget from one shelf to another. It is likewise ideal for the storage of utensils with irregular configurations such as mixing bowls, pans, blender containers, and huge trays.

Linen Corner Cabinet

A linen corner cabinet provides a singular area to keep pillows, towels, and toiletries. This storage unit can be positioned in an unobtrusive corner in the bathroom if maximum space conservation is desired, although it can also serve as an independent unit or can be placed onto the wall, depending on the preferred layout of the bathroom. Linen cabinets solve the problem of storing your towels and similar items.

How to Build a Corner Cabinet?

For a more orderly and tidier home, you will definitely want to construct a storage cabinet. Cabinets help make the house neat by providing storage areas for various household articles.

A good number of people would be interested in learning how to construct a corner cabinet. One need not have extensive knowledge in carpentry to build a sturdy and elegant corner cabinet. All it takes are the appropriate instruments and raw materials, and the capacity to follow the steps in making a cabinet.

Initially, you should decide on the length, width, and height of the cabinet that you want to build. Measurements of the corner where the cabinet will be positioned should be made. Take note of these measurements as these data will be important once you procure your raw materials.


You must also take into consideration the amount of wood that you will need in constructing your cabinet. A typical corner cabinet can be made using a square slab of wood. The square is divided into two triangles which will make up the top and base of the cabinet. Two rectangular slabs of wood will make up the sides, and another square of wood will be needed to make two shelves.

There are many kinds of wood to choose from in a lumber yard. Once you have selected the wood that you desire, do not forget to buy other items like screws, paint, and nails. You can get them at the hardware store.

The wood will have to be measured properly prior to cutting. The measurements are vital so that your cabinet will fit in the pre-assigned corner in your house. See to it that the shelves are of the same dimensions as the top and bottom of the cabinet. Your cabinet is then constructed by assembling the top, bottom, and sides after having cut the wood. Attach the shelves, and then design the cabinet according to your preference. You can then proceed to apply paint, stain, or varnish to your newly made storage cabinet.