Bathroom Cabinets

The bathroom cabinet is an indispensable feature of the home bathroom. Also known as medicine cabinets or vanities, bathroom cabinets are often found mounted to the wall above or beside the sink.

Although not especially large—since space in the bathroom is often already quite limited—they are very convenient for storing common small bathroom items such as lotions, make-up, medicine, and any number of other necessary items. The location above or near the sink is especially convenient for storing and easily accessing those daily necessities like toothpaste and soap. The door of the cabinet will also often have a mirror surface in place of a solid door. This is due to the fact that they are often mounted in precisely the same spot that bathroom mirrors would typically be located.

modern-bathroom-cabinetThus, bathroom cabinets and vanities are an efficient use of the small space available in the bathroom. The more elaborate ones can also include shelving and under-the-sink storage space, creating space to store larger items like toilet paper, hairdryers, extra towels, or bathroom cleaners. This is ideal in the sense that a person in the bathroom will have everything he or she could possibly need on hand already, with no need to leave the bathroom for a forgotten item.

These cabinets can also be efficient ways of childproofing a bathroom as dangerous items like medicines and household cleaners can be stored up out of reach of small children but still easily in reach of the adult members of the house.

At the aesthetic level, bathroom cabinets and vanities can be as versatile and varied as the decorative preferences of the owners. From ornate, classic vanities to modern, minimalistic cabinets, there are countless styles and designs to choose from. This way, they can blend in better within the larger decorative scheme of the bathroom rather than noticeably standing out as an added item that just does not quite belong with everything else.

Today, most people are opting for such a cabinet if one is not already installed when the house is bought. They have become one of the most common household features in modern society because of their usefulness as well as their ability to be aesthetically pleasing.